Akashic Record "Book of Life"

What are the Akashic Records?

What are the Akashic Records ?

Akashic Records in the Etheric Relm

A simple explanation is “ The Book of Life”. I want to take it farther than that, lets talk about what and where it is.
Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “Space”, in the Indian language it means “Sky”. To me, the Akashic Records are in the Etheric Relm/plane. That is where I go to access the Records, that is where I will take you to access your Records. In our human form, it is hard for us to picture and accept this is an energy form, so we see it as a field with a beautiful building with rooms and books, this is something familiar to us and we understand this.
When we go into the Records some of the questions I am asked, is this going to happen, that isn’t what the records tell us.. they can tell us if we stay on this course/path this could happen, but if you change something then the course/path is changed. Questions of what has happened in the past are easier to answer as this is already written. You can’t change what has happened, you can change the energy around it, accepting it, and releasing it.
I do a lot of healing in the Akashic Records, this has helped people change patterns, understand why they keep repeating patterns. Things that I find in the records are vows, pacts, contracts, curses, limiting beliefs these are just a few, there are so many more items in the records.
I will be explaining all these items on continuing blog posts.

I will explain what to expect from a reading on the next blog post .


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