13th Octave La ho Chi Energy Session!

13th Octave La ho Chi

I had a wonderful La Ho Chi session with Melody who is an amazing healer. This ancient energy healing brings in the Ascended Masters and the Archangels which I love. I set an intention to help open my 3rd eye and heal my heart. I felt energy move from my 3rd eye and felt pressure there and it would then dissipate and move down my body. The energy where I felt the most clearing was in my 3rd eye, throat, and heart chakra. I was in a meditative state with so much peace. I was relaxed and felt the healing occurring throughout my entire body as the energy would move from my head down through my feet. The session was 45 minutes and when I stood up, I felt so clear in my heart and throat chakra area. I left feeling revitalized, open, and clear in my mind. The benefits that I received were the activation of my 3rd eye, clearing of my heart area, and bringing forth forgiveness that I needed to release. As well as, my throat area now being opened, which had stuck energy there. I would highly recommend this type of healing if you need to move any kind of energy that is stagnant. Melody is so sweet and gentle and you can just feel the energy from her hands moving through your body. I would recommend her and will be coming back for another session very soon! Thank you, Melody!

This post was written by Terri Tucker of Chicks with Spiritual Gifts… Terri is a Psychic Medium who is Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Claircognizant. She is a Certified as a Medium, Healer and Ordained Minister.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning where did It come from?

It came from Cleaning up from Winter!



Messy homes, cars or offices are common issues today with our busy lives.

Feeling stressed out or overwhelmed? Want to clear your mind? Start with your surroundings! Objects compete for your brain’s attention, so clear the clutter for clarity!

Our energy is real, and when we take the time to clean out what is around us, we clean out the mental and emotional clutter as well. We create clarity for being all that we are meant to be on this planet, and it starts with our surroundings.

Give it a try. Start with the easy stuff, a little at a time, and notice how your life changes from this simple (and sometimes difficult) task.

 You are worth it!


We all probably have more than we need. Why not learn to let it go and lift others at the same time? This month, set an empty box in a conspicuous place. Every day, place one thing you no longer need inside. At the end of the month, donate the box to a local shelter or charity. Your home will be lighter, but your heart will be full and your mind will be more clear.

Now that you have done that, clear the clutter from your kitchen check herbs are they the right color and do they smell right? How about your tinctures, I know they last a long time, but still check the bottles, clean the lids… if any don’t look right, or smell right toss them. Do the same with salves, and oils.. make a list of what needs to be made for the upcoming year!  Spring into action !!

Don’t forget the herb garden, flower garden, clean them out, put in new plants..  ones you discovered you used.

Doesn’t that feel good? Clearing up, Clarity, getting rid of the things that don’t serve you anymore.

Inspire yourself, praise yourself, no negative self talk, be kind to yourself.

One last thing to do, as you clean out, clear out, Smudge your home, yourself… create your sacred space. Enjoy!!!!




Update…… FYI

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Do you need a Reiki Session?

Are you looking for a Reiki Session??? Look no further Eagle’s Moon Healing offers Reiki sessions, they are private sessions, you are not in a large room, you will not hear other people, and they will not hear your session. At Eagle’s Moon Healing we strive for a relaxing, peaceful healing session. We specialize in Usui Reiki, we also offer hands on or hands off Reiki. Call for your appointment now 470-333-2443 or visit us at Eaglesmoonhealing.com you can email us at EMH@EaglesMoonHealing.com



Would you like to try Reiki?



If you would like to try a Reiki session, come to our grand opening we will be giving away free Reiki sessions… Yes, Free… stop by and see us.

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Reiki Session

Reiki Treatment
Are you interested in Reiki? Would you like a reiki session, fabulous healing touch with or without hands on healing? Reiki is a spiritual healing experience, at Eagle’s Moon Healing.com we do Usui Reiki, Call 470- 333-2443 for a Healing Session.
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Bath bombs vs. Bath salts

Do you use both? Or do you prefer one over the other?


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Chakra Wand Purple

Handmade chakra wand made of selenite with a quartz on the top of the wand and an amethyst on the bottom. It has a purple handle which is wrapped with sterling silver wire and has a ring of chakra stones around the top of the handle. It has blue kyanite for communication and prehnite to help with healing and sealing the auric field on the top part of the wand along with an angel wing. It measures 13.5 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter.

Chakra Wand – Purple

Purple Chakra Wand wb

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Clearing your Stones and Crystals


June 20 was a special day in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the summer solstice, the day with the most amount of sunlight, and the start of summer. Not only that, but people who gaze up to the heavens will also see a full moon, a coincidence that hasn’t happened in decades.
If you forgot to put out your crystals, and stones last night don’t worry… put them out tonight. Don’t forget your releasing prayer. Have your written your thoughts on paper for burning?
Lets go through a few steps as a reminder or for new comers.
1) Create a sacred space, clear it, say your prayer. Get it ready for your crystals and stones. (if you need to know how to clear space go to http://eaglesmoonhealing.com/home-clearings/) What your intentions are is everything.
2) Place your crystals and stones out in the area, say your releasing prayer.
3) Light your fire, it doesn’t have a to be big… a small one will work also. Take your paper, roll it up and burn it… Release it to the heavens.. You can read them out loud or to yourself, and burn baby burn. Intention is everything, it must be loving, pure, and of the light. It cannot hurt anyone or anything.
4) Enjoy the moonlight.