Bath Bombs – Lavender

Bath Salts (15)

Wonderful lavender bath bombs, detox, de-stress, relax and take care of your skin all at once!

We do have bath salts also.

You will find lavender blossoms in the bath bombs, they are small and go down most drains without trouble. I read an article that said you need to detox your body once a week for 20 minutes, air pollution, heavy metals, other chemicals that we put on our skin. What a great way to do it!


Bath Bombs -Clearing

Clearing bath bombs help detox your body from air pollution, heavy metals, stress.
Clearing bath bombs are rose and lavender, fragrant, and relaxing.

Clearing bath bombs

Clearing bath bombs

Bath Bombs …. have you ever used them?

Bath bombs

Lets chat about bath bombs, have you ever used them? If so do you like them, love them or hate them?
Are you afraid of what is in them, maybe you haven’t ever thought about what was in them. I think about what they put in products, your skin absorbs everything it comes in contact with… good and bad. That’s why Eagle’s Moon Healing makes bath bombs so they are made with pure ingredients, ones I don’t mind on my skin. The fragrances are Essential Oils only, not fragrance oils, it does make a difference.
I would love to hear from you on this issue… bath bombs yes or no


Smudging Wand – Saging Wand Tan with blue feathers


Saging Wand duck and Turkey feathers blue wb

Duck feather with turkey feathers surrounding it and a peacock feather embellishment on a natural wood handle covered in tan leather with a bone eagle head. This item measures 31 inches from the tips of the feathers to the bottom of the leather fringe.

If you would like to learn to Smudge/ Sage.. we will be offering classes.  Email us and let us know what you need, or what you want for classes.

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Full Moon Clearing

I would love to hear from you about your experience with full moon clearing! Did you try anything different? How are your crystals and stones, did they clear/cleanse, do they feel different? if you had any trouble getting them to clear/cleanse I would be glad to help, call or email me. The moon light recharged my Quarts and amethyst… oh and the chakra wands loved it.



Chakra Wand Purple

Handmade chakra wand made of selenite with a quartz on the top of the wand and an amethyst on the bottom. It has a purple handle which is wrapped with sterling silver wire and has a ring of chakra stones around the top of the handle. It has blue kyanite for communication and prehnite to help with healing and sealing the auric field on the top part of the wand along with an angel wing. It measures 13.5 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter.

Chakra Wand – Purple

Purple Chakra Wand wb

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Clearing your Stones and Crystals


June 20 was a special day in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the summer solstice, the day with the most amount of sunlight, and the start of summer. Not only that, but people who gaze up to the heavens will also see a full moon, a coincidence that hasn’t happened in decades.
If you forgot to put out your crystals, and stones last night don’t worry… put them out tonight. Don’t forget your releasing prayer. Have your written your thoughts on paper for burning?
Lets go through a few steps as a reminder or for new comers.
1) Create a sacred space, clear it, say your prayer. Get it ready for your crystals and stones. (if you need to know how to clear space go to What your intentions are is everything.
2) Place your crystals and stones out in the area, say your releasing prayer.
3) Light your fire, it doesn’t have a to be big… a small one will work also. Take your paper, roll it up and burn it… Release it to the heavens.. You can read them out loud or to yourself, and burn baby burn. Intention is everything, it must be loving, pure, and of the light. It cannot hurt anyone or anything.
4) Enjoy the moonlight.

Happy Father’s Day

Eagle’s Moon Healing wants to wish all the Father’s and Dad’s out there a Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Fathers day


There is another parent we want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to!

Happy Fathers day Moms

Single Mom’s your kids love you.


Have a great day!  Enjoy the people in your life, we are proud you are a part of our life!



Chakra Wands

Are you looking for a custom Chakra Wand? Don’t want a glass one, look at the wonderful custom Chakra wands available at Eagle’s Moon Healing. You will not find them anywhere else! Charge them up and wow what a difference it will make on your Chakra Clearing!


Red Chakra Wand wb


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