Relationship Reading

The life experience is built on our interactions with others, and the relationships therein. Romantic relationships, of course, but also business relationships, parent and child, friendships– the list goes on and on, relationships are the core of the human experience. That core can sometimes become less than healthy, however. Knowing how you attract relationships, why you choose the people you’ve chosen to be around you, and how you can move forward in your relationships in the healthiest way possible isn’t always so simple to understand.

A relationship reading helps to uncover who you are at your soul level, and what life lesson is at play in your experience with the relationship. I also help to clear any blockages that are affecting the relationship so you can move forward from an open, loving place, and let go of all the old baggage holding you back. These readings can be done for only you, or with the other person’s permission, for the both of you.


This reading is especially beautiful between parent and child. Your child chose you to incarnate with!

This reading is 45 minutes to an hour in length and will be recorded for you.  $150.00

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