Holy Water



Holy Water

Our holy water started in the streams of Sedona Az.  At Eagle’s Moon Healing we wanted our holy water to be infused with special vortex energy of Sedona Az. Have you been to the Red Rock Crossing Cathedral Rock Vortex?  Or any of the other vortexes in Sedona there are 3 others, Boynton Canyon Vortex, Airport Vortex, and Bell Rock Vortex?  The energy is so amazing; you can see it in the trees they grow in a vortex pattern.  This just seemed that we needed to start there with holy water; holy water is just amazing as it is.  However, we wanted more for our clients, friends and family, so this is what we did; Sedona vortex energy infused stream water, consecrated Himalayan pink salt, Full Moon infused, Reiki infused, and then blessed, a very special friend’s Rosary was used for the blessing, we will always think of  Brother Marian and thank him for help.  Last but not least we have thanked the water for its service. This is the most amazing Holy water.. We love it!

Have you seen the videos put out by Dr Masaru Emoto? He has done wonderful water molecule experiments, you can find them on YouTube;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWAuc9GIvFo

This water can be used for any of the following; Purifying, yourself, your hands, items around your home, doorways, windows, mirrors, computers, and all your chakras. Don’t forget for protection on a home clearing, house blessings. Closing portals and gateways, I am sure you will think of a few other uses.  We also carry it in a one dram bottle for the people that want to carry it with them.

External use only this did come from a stream, it has not been treated for drinking.

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