Happy Valentines Day


Everyone at Eagle’s Moon Healing sends positive thoughts and prayers to you on this valentines day!



Meditation Q&A


How do I get started?  This is a question I hear a lot… here are some answers to that.

  • Figure out how you want to sit, or lay .. Indian style, on the floor, in a chair/sofa. Or maybe you want to sit in a chair with feet on the floor… grounding position. Lay down on a blanket, rug, or yoga mat.   There is no right or wrong, what is comfortable for you, you need to be in a relaxed position so you can get the most out of your meditation.  Try different meditation styles when you find the one that works for you… do it!
  • The next step is find a meditation, go to a group, do it on line, videos, mp3’s. Find someone you like, feel comfortable with, resonate with.  Don’t get caught up in the hype; get caught up in the feeling.  Try several different ones, everyone resonates with different people.
  • Choose a time that works for you, you will need about 1 hour. If you are unsure of what time will work, try a few.. find out what works for you.  Morning, Afternoon, Evening.
  • Find a quiet place, tranquility is needed. Once again try different places, even outside.  You will be the one to determine what works. We are all different spaces that work for me may not work for you.  I key to meditation is you!
  • Don’t forget to breathe …. Relaxing breaths.. In through your nose out through your mouth, and relax as you do it.  I don’t do the breathing, I listen to my heart beat.. I just cannot relax listening to my breathing… so the heartbeat works.  Once again use what works for you, we are not all the same.
  • Stretch out a bit before you meditate that way you can sit comfortably during your meditation. What do you need for Meditation, water, crystals, rocks, candles, aura spray, moldavite oil, Have those with you.
  • Try not to mediate on a full stomach. Big meals can make you sleepy, so when you get relaxed.. you may sleep.. if this happens don’t worry about it, try it again.. work with your schedule. Don’t starve yourself; being extremely hungry doesn’t work either.
  • Enjoy your meditation, smile, relax enjoy… you will be surprised at how happy it makes you.
  • Exit your meditation in a relaxed atmosphere don’t hurry. Enjoy exiting. Don’t forget to  drink water and use your aura spray.



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Grand opening of Eagle’s Moon Healing is almost here!

grand opening coming soon

Excitement fills the air at Eagle’s Moon Healing we are getting so close to our grand opening… we are so excited  to open our doors to you! We will be publishing date and time also details of what will be offered at the grand opening! Please check back for more details …. we are almost here!

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Happy Memorial Day

Wishing  everyone a Happy Safe Memorial Day! Everyone at Eagle’s Moon Healing wants to Thank everyone in the Armed Forces for the service, dedication, and devotion.

Thank you for our Freedom!


Solar Plexus Crystals

Crystals for the Solar Plexus

Please remember to clean, clear, and tune your crystals. Use the crystals that resonate with you! These are just a few of the crystals that you could use for the Solar Plexus.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus
Color: Yellow
Element; Fire
Yellow Citrine; access your personal power
Sunstone: reducing tension in the stomach helps ulcer relief
Calcite; kick starts the chakra
Malachite; links the Solar Plexus with the Heart Chakra.

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