Life Lesson Reading

Have you ever wondered what you’re here to experience? Why some situations appear to occur repeatedly?

We all have a primary lesson and secondary lessons to experience and they all intertwine together. I like to think of them as themes that we experience throughout our lifetime. Every theme has a positive and negative polarity to choose from. It’s up to us to choose how we want to experience that theme. For example, if that theme is abundance, we can either experience wealth, or the lack of money. Maybe abundance is showing up as a big family with a lot of love to share, or being lonely.   There are a lot of ways we can experience this theme.

I offer a Life Lesson Reading which can shed some light on the themes your Soul wants to experience. I can also help you to manifest the positive aspects more and less of the negative aspects by discussing with you the choices you are making to create the experiences. Making a different choice will change the outcome. Let’s make it a choice that creates a positive one!

This reading is 45 minutes to an hour in length and will be recorded for you.  $150.00

I'd Like a Reading!