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Grounding for an Akashic Record Reading.

Grounding for an Akashic Record Reading

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I have found that getting yourself grounded before entering the Etheric Relm and going into your records, or a clients records gives you a better reading. Grounding is a must, this will help you connect with your guides, if you are reading for a client this will help you connect with the clients guides. On a specific Akashic Record Reading, I take the client with me, they must be grounded. The energy that they experience is fantastic but can be overwhelming. I try to prepare them for what might happen, this grounding could be the difference between an okay reading and a fantastic reading.

When I do a group healing session in the Akashic Records everyone must be grounded. Yes, I take everyone through a grounding session first I include a small clearing session within the grounding. Remember that people have different Clairs, some will see, feel, or know that doesn’t matter, just as long as it happens.

Let me take you through a grounding session!

First get comfortable- sitting, or laying down.
I want you to focus on your breathing….
Now, visualize or feel a white golden light coming down from above. This light is going to fill your Crown Chakra. It moves on the Third Eye Chakra, feel it lightening. It is moving on to your Throat Chakra, you may feel a tickling in your throat. Next, the light is moving into the Heart Chakra feel it, see it light up! Now, into the Solar Plexus Chakra, you may feel a warming. On the Sacral Chakra, you might see this one light up Orange. Last but not least is the Root Chakra you will really feel this one as it opens and sends the light down your legs and out the bottom of your feet… You might see, feel tree roots going to the center of Mother Earth, wrapping around her core.
Mother Earth is now going to send gentle energy up your left leg.. you will feel the energy going all the way to the top of your head and down the right side all the way out to the bottom of your foot, down to Mother Earth.
As you are running the energy through your body, I want you to visualize sweeping yes with a broom, look around do you see, feel, know that there are cobwebs or dust bunnies, leftover negative energy. Just sweep anything right into that energy, it will go down to the center of the Mother Earth and she will transmute it into light and love, positive energy.

Now just sit in the energy and enjoy it… When you are done just stop the energy by placing your hands on your hips.. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
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What to expect from a Specific Akashic Record Reading.

What to expect from a Specific Akashic Record Reading.

Book of Records

First, we will chat about you to get you relaxed and ready for a reading and to get you thinking about what you would like out of the reading.

I will ask if you have ever had a reading before if so have you gone to the Akashic Hall of Records.

Please remember that we can get information on the past, present, and future probabilities. We will see the timeline running to the left and right. However, the right is future possibilities; if you change one thing it changes that.

The information we will get in the records are for your highest good, some information may not be available to you, it may not be the right time for the Guides to release this information, you may not be able to process the information at this time.

Sometimes we think that we want to work on this or get an answer to that. The Guides have other ideas as to what they are going to show us. Sometimes we think why, in the end, it works out for our highest good.
Please remember that I am just the conduit, I will guide you to my best ability. This is an interactive record trip, and we will chat the entire time it takes place. Yes, you can ask questions, and there isn’t a wrong question, some may not be answered as it isn’t time for them yet.

When we are ready and going into the records here are the items I will need.
1) Your full name
2) Date of Birth
3) Place of Birth

A normal session takes about 45 minutes to one hour, you will need to be where you can be in a meditative state.

We will be grounding you, then I will say the Prayer to open the Akashic Records.

I will take a minute to connect with everyone, then we will travel together to The Akashic Hall of Records. This is in the Etheric Relm.

We will proceed to get answers for you, we may do healing or time-traveling. When our session is coming to an end, I will ask if you have any questions for your Akashic Record Guides. Then we will return to Earth Plane. I will close the Akashic Records.

You will need to drink lots of water and rest a bit, for the energy to redistribute and healing to take place.


Chakra Analysis

Your chakra system is the energy system of your body. It is just as important as any other system in your physical body. If you don’t have energy flowing freely, you likely feel it, though it can manifest in ways you may not realize. If there is an underactive or overactive chakra, it can manifest itself in many ways depending upon the actual chakra. Once you are aware of it, you can make different choices that align with your own Divine Nature which will in turn begin to balance the chakra.
This reading is a detailed analysis of your personal chakra system. It includes all 8 chakras (the 8th chakra is located about a foot above the crown) and how they are functioning at the physical level, the emotional level and the mental level. I help you to figure out what is causing the imbalances and suggest ways to rebalance them.

All readings are done by phone and recorded for you to refer to whenever you need. Call me at (470) 333-2443 or email me at melody@eaglesmoon to set up a reading.



Relationship Readings Available

The life experience is built on our interactions with others, and the relationships therein. Romantic relationships, of course, but also business relationships, parent and child, friendships– the list goes on and on, relationships are the core of the human experience. That core can sometimes become less than healthy, however. Knowing how you attract relationships, why you choose the people you’ve chosen to be around you, and how you can move forward in your relationships in the healthiest way possible isn’t always so simple to understand.
A relationship reading helps to uncover who you are at your soul level, and what life lesson is at play in your experience with the relationship. I also help to clear any blockages that are affecting the relationship so you can move forward from an open, loving place, and let go of all the old baggage holding you back. These readings can be done for only you, or with the other person’s permission, for the both of you.

This reading is especially beautiful between parent and child. Your child chose you to incarnate with!

All readings are done by phone and recorded for you to refer to whenever you need. Call me at (470) 333-2443 or email me at melody@eaglesmoon to set up a reading.



Spirit Guide Reading

Have you ever wondered who your Spirit Guides are or how many you have? This reading is designed to answer those questions.

You have a team of guides specifically assigned to you. Spirit Guides are with us to help manage the everyday situations that arise in our 3rd dimensional existence. They give us guidance on how to handle things, however it is up to us to make our own life choices. They never interfere with our free will.

In this reading, I introduce you to your guide team. I find out who they are at soul level (yes, these are souls that signed on to help you along in this human experience) and how they assist you to manifest the life you want to live.

All readings are done by phone and recorded for you to refer to whenever you need. Call me at (470) 333-2443 or email me at melody@eaglesmoon to set up a reading.



Akashic Records in the Etheric Relm

Soul Profile and Clearing

I recommend Soul Profile and Clearing readings first and foremost for all clients. Soul Profile and Clearing readings are the doorway to the Akashic Records, and help to free you of all negative ties and attachments, as well as helping you to truly discover who you are at the soul level, and what your true gifts are, all to guide you to your true potential. All of my other Akashic readings build off of this solid foundation that provides a clean slate for you to move forward and be your best self.

I access my client’s Akashic Records to inform them about the Divine nature of their own soul. They learn about how they, through choice, have shaped their own experiences over the course of many lifetimes.
The information given in my readings assists clients in expressing their own Divine nature in day to day life. It also offers an empowering explanation as to why they are experiencing many of their current circumstances. I also energetically clear my clients’ Akashic Record of negative influences created by their choices, both in past and present lifetimes. This gives my clients a unique opportunity to make new choices and substantially shift their current experiences.

All readings are done by phone and recorded for you to refer to whenever you need. Call me at (470) 333-2443 or email me at melody@eaglesmoon to set up a reading.




Life Lessons

Have you ever wondered what you’re here to experience? Why some situations appear to occur repeatedly?

We all have a primary lesson and secondary lessons to experience and they all intertwine together. I like to think of them as themes that we experience throughout our lifetime. Every theme has a positive and negative polarity to choose from. It’s up to us to choose how we want to experience that theme. For example, if that theme is abundance, we can either experience wealth, or the lack of money. Maybe abundance is showing up as a big family with a lot of love to share, or being lonely. There are a lot of ways we can experience this theme.

I offer a Life Lesson Reading which can shed some light on the themes your Soul wants to experience. I can also help you to manifest the positive aspects more and less of the negative aspects by discussing with you the choices you are making to create the experiences. Making a different choice will change the outcome. Let’s make it a choice that creates a positive one!

All readings are done by phone and recorded for you to refer to whenever you need. Call me at (470) 333-2443 or email me at melody@eaglesmoon to set up a reading.



Akashic Record "Book of Life"

Akashic Record Readings


The Akashic Records are an energetic database that stores all the information about all choices that were ever made. Each soul has its own record which contains all the information about that soul back to the moment of its origination from Divine Source. There are several different readings available.

I highly recommend a Soul Profile and Clearing reading to be done first. This reading lets you know who you are at soul level,, what your Divine Gifts are, and can be a strong guide to build off of. This reading will assist you in clearing out blocks and restrictions that are holding you back from your highest path and purpose.

We offer:

Soul Profile and Clearing Readings
Life Lesson Readings
Life Situation Readings
Relationship Readings
Spirit Guide Readings
Chakra Analysis

All readings are done by phone and recorded for you to refer to whenever you need.  Call me at (470) 333-2443 or email me at melody@eaglesmoon to set up a reading.