Reiki III Certified Practitioner – Course Outline

Module 1 Reiki Master Teacher
Unit 1 Reiki III Course Manual
Unit 2 An Introduction to Usui 3rd Degree Reiki
Unit 3 Reiki and Symbolism
Unit 4 The Reiki Master Symbol
Unit 5 Non Traditional Usui Reiki Master Symbol
Unit 6 The Reiki Attunement Ceremony
Unit 7 The Crown to Crown Attunement
Unit 8 Preparing for the Reiki Attunement Ceremony
Unit 9 Reiki I Attunements
Unit 10 Reiki II Attunements
Unit 11 Reiki III Attunements
Unit 12 Combined Reiki I, II, III Attunements
Unit 13 Absent or Distant Reiki Attunements
Unit 14 More Advanced Reiki Techniques
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