Reiki II Certified Practitioner – Course Outline

Module 1 Advanced Reiki Practioner Level
Unit 1 Reiki II Manual
Unit 2 An Introduction to Usui 2nd Degree Reiki
Unit 3 Gassho - The First Pillar of Reiki
Unit 4 Gassho Meditation Example
Unit 5 Reiji-Ho - The Second Pillar of Reiki
Unit 6 Chiryo - The Third Pillar of Reiki
Unit 7 Namaste
Unit 8 New Possibilities with Reiki II
Unit 9 Distant or Absent Reiki Healing
Unit 10 The Sacred Reiki Symbols
Unit 11 The First Sacred Symbol
Unit 12 How to Draw Cho Ku Rei
Unit 13 The Second Sacred Symbol
Unit 14 How to Draw Sei Hei Ki
Unit 15 The Third Sacred Symbol
Unit 16 How to Draw Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
Unit 17 A Traditional Distant Reiki Healing Technique
Unit 18 Examples of Sending Distant Reiki Healing
Unit 19 Working with Reiki II
Unit 20 Additional Non Traditional Reiki Symbols
Unit 21 How to Draw Motor-Zanon
Unit 22 Extra Reiki Hand Positions
Unit 23 Combining Reiki with other Healing Disciplines
Unit 24 Animal Reiki Techniques
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