Reiki I Certified Practioner – Course Outline

Module 1 Reiki - The Universal Life Force
Unit 1 Reiki I Manual
Unit 2 Reiki - The Universal Life Force
Unit 3 What is Reiki?
Unit 4 How Reiki Works
Unit 5 The History of Reiki
Unit 6 The 5 Reiki Principles
Unit 7 Preparing for Reiki
Unit 8 Anatomic Illustrations for Reiki
Unit 9 Reiki Self Treatment
Unit 10 Preparing to Treat Others with Reiki
Unit 11 Treating Others With Reiki
Unit 12 Rapid Reiki Treatment
Unit 13 The Ultradian Rhythm Technique
Unit 14 Reiki Group Treatment
Unit 15 Reiki and Pregnancy, Babies and Children
Unit 16 Reiki Brings Comfort to Those Souls Crossing Over
Unit 17 Use Your Imagination
Unit 18 Final Thoughts
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