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My Great Grandson came to stay with me so mom could go to work. He has strep and an ear infection. Mom had taken him to the Dr. that morning, they were calling in an antibiotic, she was rushing of to work, and the drug store was waiting to the order from the Dr.  His ear hurt, he was so uncomfortable, you know it has to be when a 3 year old just lays on the couch.  So, I warmed some grape seed oil, that is what I had on hand. Put a couple of drops in his ear and put a cotton ball.  That made his ear comfortable enough to  sleep.  Make sure the oil is just warm and not hot! This is just to help with making him comfortable it doesn’t cure the infection.  My Granddaughter had not heard of this so, I thought I would just pass it along.


I received a request for Ear Wax removal. They want it natural, of course!

I know there are several around, ask for symptoms, problems, and what are they allergic to!

Please remember this is not medical advise, if you require medical advise go see your Doctor.

For this situation this is what I have come up with ….. garlic oil.

This is one of the oils I always have on hand.

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One of the things we are told to do for our health is drink water, about 8 glasses a day. I found this absolutely interesting.   Eagle’s Moon Healing is announcing New product coming out Holy Water.

Have you seen the videos put out by Dr Emoto? He has done wonderful water molecule experiments. Watch how powerful our words can be. The water crystals are absolutely beautiful when words of love and caring are used.

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