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Smudging is used to remove or change the energy in your home or even in your aura. The first one I am going to talk about is your home/office, or maybe someone else’s home or office. Please make sure to be very careful if you are pregnant or have any allergies to any of the ingredients you use in smudging.


Woman’s Prayer

Grandmothers, we stand before you, behold us.

Powers of the East, behold us.

First quarter Moon, behold us.

Plant people, who gift us colorful dyes, behold us.

Rainbow woman, inspire us,

As we learn to express outward.

Pine smudge, purify us, as we begin our journey.


Daughters, we stand before you, behold us.

Powers of the South, behold us.

Full Moon, behold us.

Plant people, who gift us food, behold us.

Corn Woman, nurture us, as we learn to nurture outward.

Mullein smudge, protect us as we continue our Jouney.


Granddaughters, we stand before you, behold us.

Powers of the West, behold us.

Last Quarter Moon, behold us.

Plant People, who gift us vision, behold us.

Crazy Woman, inspire us, as we learn to express inward.

Mugwort smudge, guide us, as we continue our journey.


Sisters, we stand before you, behold us.

Powers of the North, behold us.

New Moon, behold us.

Plant People, who gift us caution, behold us.

Death Woman, nurtures, as we learn to nurture inward.

Cedar Smudge, consecrate our hearts,

As we complete our journey.



Make your smudging sticks or smudging formula…before you start, research plants you are going to use. Here are some questions to ask:

What do you want to accomplish?

What is your intention?

What do you need?

Pray for guidance?

Ask the plants permission,let the plants know what your intentions are.


The plants you are going to use make sure they are dry, with stems together,and keep them upright “don’t let the energy drain out”. Use cotton string to tie them,and bundle them together.

Identify the plants by their botanical name this way you will use the correct plant and the same plant. A word of caution please research the herbs/plants you are going to use make sure you know their properties/qualities, both positive and negative.


Please make sure you burn your smudging plants, charcoal, or candles,any type of fire in something that can handle it, will not burn with the product also will not give off toxic fumes.


I cannot say it enough Please use extra care if you are pregnant, this may not be the time to start smudging.


I would love to share this with you. Make it your ritual, have pure intent. Your intent can never be to harm or hurt anyone or anything, it must be pure loving intent.


If you feel negative energy, with love send it into the light and love of Mother Earth,or Universe.


I would also like to suggest to you take one herb/plant learn about it, use it with love and care. Ask people what herbs/plants they use, why they use them, what they are looking for, hoping for with using a certain herb/plant. Please becareful make sure when using the Internet your sources are reliable.


Items you will need to smudge;

A shell or bowl that you can burn in.

I use a stand my abalone shell can get hot.

Wooden matches





Rose petals

Anyother herb/plant that you have chosen


Please enjoy smudging!

Holy Water

Our holy water started in the streams of Sedona AZ. At Eagle’s Moon Healing we wanted our holy water to be infused with the special energies of Sedona. Have you been to the Red Rock Crossing Cathedral Rock Vortex? Or any of the other vortexes in Sedona there are others including Boynton Canyon Vortex, Airport Vortex, and Bell Rock Vortex. The energy is so amazing. You can see it in the trees as they grow in a spiral pattern. It just felt like we needed to start there with holy water.

Holy water is just amazing as it is, but we wanted more for our clients, friends and family, so this is what we did: We used Sedona energy infused stream water, consecrated Himalayan pink salt, then it was infused with the energies of the full moon, charged with reiki, and then blessed – a very special friend Jerry’s rosary is used. We then put Dr Masaru Emoto’s research into practice. Finally, we have thanked the water for its service.

This water can be used for any number of things including purifying your energy field, your hand chakras, items around your home, doorways, windows, mirrors, computers and all your chakras. We use it for protection, home clearings and house blessings too.


You can also use Sprays to Clear and Clean your space/house.  Clearing Spray, Relax Spray, Moldavite Spray in a pinch you could use Aura/Chakra sprays, your prayers and intention are what make the difference in sending the negative / stale energy to Mother Earth.

If you have questions Please feel free to call us (928) 792-1917


  1. Hello, Lisa
    I love your site! You offer so much to those who are on their path to enlightenment, seeking to find themselves, opening up their hearts and minds to their newfound spirituality.
    Please notify me of new postings.
    Please let me know where you are operating out of. I would love to check out the Sedona infused water.
    Lisa, My best to you and Melanie,


  2. Hi Vivian,
    Fabulous to hear from you!! I am still at Harmony, I just do appointment hours I am not there all day. I will keep you updated on new postings, Sending light, love and healing to you!


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